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SAA is an architecture company, characterized by an entrepreneurial spirit, team-work across expertise areas and new ways of approaching conventional tasks. We have an informal work environment where collegial support is highly valued and where ambition, high work morale and dedication to being the innovators of our field unify the staff. Our firm is characterized by creativity, high energy and a team spirit.
We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a cool workplace where we want to be and we continuously work at becoming better and better at what we do.

If you are interested in joining SAA, please apply. We look forward to hearing from you!

We are currently seeking

Unsolicited Application for Architect
Unsolicited application for Constructing Architect
Unsolicited application for Interior Architect/Designer
Unsolicited application for Landscape Architect
Unsolicited application for Structures Engineer
Unsolicited application for MEP Engineer
Architecture Intern
Constructing Architecture Intern
Landscape Architecture Intern
SAA IDEAS Industrial Design Intern
Visualization Intern
ICT/BIM Manager
Specifications Manager
IT Assistant

Senior Architect/Designer
Senior Interior Architect/Designer
Quality Assurance/Quality Control Reviewer
Enclosure Specialist
Interior Architect/Designer
Landscape Architect/Designer
Business Development Coordinator
Junior Designer
Junior Interior Designer
Junior Landscape Designer
People (HR) Assistant
Office Assistant